bliss® spa e-Gift Voucher (Valued at HKD2,500)
HKD 2,200.00 2,500.00
bliss® spa e-Gift Voucher (Valued at HKD1,500)
HKD 1,350.00 1,500.00
My Bliss My Way (120-minute)
HKD 3,280.00
Just Us Two (180-minute)
HKD 8,888.00
Caviar & Algae Detox Massage and Scrub Experience (105-minute )
HKD 3,350.00
Weekday Bliss (90-minute)
HKD 2,350.00
Muscle Up Fat Down (30-minute)
HKD 1,950.00
Vital Dome Detox, Slim and Pain Reliever Infratherapy (60-minute)
HKD 1,280.00
4D RF and MP Thermal Face Contour, Firming and Lifting (90-minute)
HKD 5,500.00
Thermal Cryo Cellular Repair E-mesotherapy (90-minute)
HKD 3,890.00
360° Rotating Pore Steep Clean System (30-minute)
HKD 1,495.00
Precious Caviar Facial (60-minute)
HKD 2,650.00

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