Sunray Away Tart (2 lbs)
HKD 380.00
Chocoholic’s Dream (3 lbs)
HKD 720.00
Mango Mania (1 lb)
HKD 360.00
Raspberry Rays (Vegan) (1.5 lbs)
HKD 540.00
Cocoa Loco (1.5 lbs)
HKD 540.00
Tutti Frutti Berries (2 lbs)
HKD 720.00
Hojicha Craze (1 lb)
HKD 360.00
Lemon Dreams (1 lb)
HKD 360.00
“Winner’s Remix” Pastry Gift Set (9 items)
HKD 315.00
“Winner’s Remix” Pastry Gift Set (6 items)
HKD 210.00

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