Rémy Martin VSOP
HKD 880.00
Pierre Ferrand Original 1840 Cognac
HKD 680.00
Hennessy V.S.O.P
HKD 880.00
Hennessy V.S.O.P (2 bottles)
HKD 1,500.00
Whisky Yoichi Single Malt
HKD 1,180.00
Whisky Yoichi Single Malt (2 bottles)
HKD 2,100.00
Glenfiddich 15 years old Solera Reserve
HKD 880.00
Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban
HKD 1,080.00
Highland Park 12-Year-Old
HKD 980.00
Shanghai White Premium Vodka
HKD 600.00
Captive Big Gin
HKD 780.00
Captive Bourbon Barreled Big Gin
HKD 880.00

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