Lapidem Tokyo Bath & Massage Oil (1pc 100ml)

Body oil options (select 1 from below):

A Blend of yuzu, bergamot, and lime ease the tension of the mind and body, leading to a calm and positive mood.


A blend of Ylang ylang,bitter orange and lavender blends promote blood circulation and provide a deep relaxing effect through the whole body.


A blend of lemon, frankincense and peppermint gives the mind and body the energy they need to balance, energize and focus.

A refreshing blend of eucalyptus tea tree and clary sage. You will feel as if you are bathing in the forest, and you will be awakened to your true self.


The geranium, juniper, and thyme blend prevents accumulation of the unnecessary moisture that causes swelling. The woody green scent is quiet and cool, restoring tenderness and calmness.

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HK$ 680.00