Paying homage to Singapore’s national flower, the Heritage Bloom has been intricately sculpted, capturing the elegance and beauty of the Phalaenopsis orchid.

The Heritage Bloom consists of premium bird’s nest and pure rock sugar which has been delicately infused with Pandan, and it is this distinct fragrance that will bring you right home to the Far East every time.

Orchid – Our Heritage, our today, and our future

With just traditional Rock Sugar and Pandan, its simplicity is all that is needed to remind us of home, truly. Just the way it was made by our mothers
Health Benefits: Pandan leaves contain essential natural oils that make them great for detoxification, alleviation of pain, management of anxiety, and boosting and maintaining of overall health.

The Heritage Box consists of

4 x NestBloom Heritage Blooms

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HK$ 1,380.00