Symbolizing strength and vitality, the Red Ginseng Bloom has been sculpted after the Dahlia for its tenacity, and the elegance with which it blooms despite the odds.

The Red Ginseng Bloom consists of Premium Bird’s nest, Pure Rock Sugar and Premium Red Ginseng Extract. A natural health booster prized by the Koreans for centuries, this Bloom will give you a gentle “perk-me-up” even on your busiest of days.

The Dahlia - The Strength from Within

With just traditional Rock Sugar and Premium Red Ginseng which has been extracted at the peak of its maturity and efficacy, this Bloom provides a punch of energy and rejuvenation in a delicate bowl of warmth and comfort

Health Benefits: Rich in antioxidants that reduces inflammation, aids in improving of brain functions like memory, mood and behaviour, boosts the immune system, and aids in combating fatigue and promotes energy level.

The Red Ginseng Box consists of

4 x NestBloom Red Ginseng Blooms

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HK$ 1,380.00