Reminiscing our walks under those Pink Parfait Rose arches, the rose bloom is our rendition of “love”. As the universal symbol of love, elegance and feminity, the Rose Bloom is infused with pure rose extract in our hope that its aroma will transport you to us every time – back in your sanctuary of indulgence and self-care.

The Rose Bloom is made using Chinese almond milk, premium bird’s nest, pure rock sugar and natural rose extract. The almond milk has been made the traditional way, from pure whole southern almonds. Then combined with premium bird’s nest, pure rock sugar, and a hint of natural rose extract, we lovingly present to you the Rose Bloom.

Rose – Love Sweet Love

Infused with rose to give a touch of delicate flavour, this antioxidant rich bloom is perfect to wind down with at the end of the day when you need some pampering.
Health Benefits: Rose extract is abundant in phenolics which has benefits similar to antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, anti-inflammatory components, antimutagens and antidepressants.

Beauty-Loving Benefits: Rose oils and extracts are famed for its powerful hydrating effect on the skin. It is also a natural mood enhancer with the ability to relieve depression and stress.

The Rose Box consists of

4 x NestBloom Rose Almond Blooms

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HK$ 1,280.00