Vital Dome Sports Recovery Infratherapy (45-minute)
Boost immunity in a deep relaxing nap.

Incorporating French craftsmanship with advanced black carbon far infrared technology, this powerful vital dome provides 360° fully surrounded healing infratherapy to the entire body evenly and deeply, and optimizes the effects of detoxification, anti-aging, slimming and pain relieving in less than 60 minutes, with luxury and comfort. Ideal for guests with stress, fatigue, sleeping problem, poor circulation and muscle pain issues. 2-4 sessions per week are recommended for optimal results.

Ultimate Detoxification - 60 minutes - HKD1,280+.
Ideal for guests with insomnia, stress and fatigue issues

Metabolism Stimulation - 60 minutes - HKD1,280+.
Ideal for guests with a sedentary lifestyle or who suffer from poor circulation resulting in cold hands and feet

Slimming & Toning - 60 minutes - HKD1,280+.
Ideal for guests who would like to improve body shape and reduce premature skin aging

Performance Enhancement - 60 minutes - HKD1,280+.
Ideal for gym-goers or athletes to improve performance and speed up physical recovery

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Terms and Conditions
HK$ 980.00